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An original AVIVA ART hand painted jacket curiated to uniquely fit your style and subject matter. After your purchase, you will be contacted by the artist to design your custom creation. The following steps are taken in between you receiving your jacket:

1. Initial phone call or contact to discuss jacket theme and size/style of jacket.***

2. Drawings provided for your approval. Colors discussed after approval.

3. Photos are sent to customer in 3 stages of creation: After base layer, half way point, final detail layer.

4. Custom creations take between 1 and 2 months for the entire process to complete. 

A slight price reduction is available if you are providing your own jacket. If you provide your own jacket, you are responsible for the shipping charges to start the process.

***AVIVA ART LLC is not responsible for customer size choices of jackets or apparel. Refunds will NOT be given for jackets that don't fit. Please choose sizes wisely and check with gift recipients thoroughly before deciding.