Sara Aviva DeZara is a painter and textile artist from Chicago. She completed two years of art school at The Rhode Island School of Design and two years at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago where she graduated with her BFA in 2019. 

Her work focuses on the creation of wearable art. Each unique piece is one of a kind. Her medium is painting and embroidery. As an artist, Sara Aviva finds design inspiration from nature, emotions, traveling and collaborating with clients and fellow artists.  Her canvases are upcycled jackets. Not only is she advocating for sustainability and re-purposing through her craft, but she desires to give each abandoned piece of clothing a revamped life. 

“Collaboration has always been the driving force inspiring my creativity. Whether you choose to make one of my original designs your own, or collaborate for a custom AVIVA design, I hope the end result is a proud expression of passion, confidence, personal interests and self-identity. I am honored to be the spark connecting you to wearing an intimate functional piece of art everyday that will never be duplicated.”